Solar Installations Geelong

Buxton Electrical Solutions have a passion for energy efficiency and are diversely qualified to assist with solar energy requirements in Geelong, the Bellarine and Surf Coast areas and across Victoria.

We can assist with your solar power installation, designing, installing and maintaining solar systems for both residential and commercial buildings. Rick is an accredited Ecosmart Electrician as well as having completed NECA Photovoltaic Design and Install training and is committed to maximising the value of your investment in energy use reduction.

Geelong Solar Design

We provide premium solar system solutions that include a considered design element. Our product is not only designed for peak output but to also extend the daily output window. Prior to installation we will assess your available resources and present a solution for your consideration that will offer the best return on investment for your location.

As a result of recent removal of solar power rebates and reductions in feed in tariffs, you are currently better to use as much of the power you are using when you generate it rather than trying to export the power back to the grid. We are confident that we can offer you solutions and support to get the most out of the current solar setup in Australia.

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